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Hey there,

I can hear you’ve felt a lot of disappointment in the past 24 hours. I would guess that you were pissed at your friend for bailing on your plans to go to the gym, and to top it off being picked on by the guys at the gym you considered friends made things feel a million times worse. It sounds like you’re feeling stifled after being at home with your dad all day, and hassled by his nagging comments.

With all the time you’ve spent alone with your thoughts, I can hear how haunted you are with thoughts and flashbacks of your ex. I would guess the pain feels really fresh today for you, and I’m hearing you say that you’re done. I remember that recently you found you were thinking less often of a suicide plan; I’m wondering if that’s changed today? Have you been able to do anything for yourself to bring some relief to the feelings of being let down?

We’re here for you in this frustrating time, Martin <3
the Support Team

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