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Well I had a good thought today. After thinking about my current situation with my ex and I being in an awkward place I realized that I’ve been here before. In grade 8 I asked a girl out who was a year younger than me. The year prior we’d been in the same class a 6/7 split, and we became pretty close over that time, and I guess I fell for her on the day I saw her when the grade 6s being named to each class. I saw her and hoped that she would be in my class, and as it turns out she was! But yah I screwed things up in grade 8. I felt like things were so awkward between us, and I avoided the area of the school that she had all of her classes in. And probably only last year I actually became comfortable talking to her again. I did a little bit in grade 10, but it was mostly grade 10 that we rekindled our friendship, and now I’d say we’re good friends again. Every once in a while ill have bursts where I begin to like like her again, but I think we’re just meant to be friends, and besides; I still feel as if my ex is the one for me.
The point I’m trying to make though is that I just have to give this relationship time. I’ve been through a similar situation before, and only today did I realize that with time it can all work out :) can I go back to just being friends? Maybe I don’t know, but I know that I have to give it time. Actually it was pretty similar times things became awkward with each of the girls. It was in December, and during my last year at each school. So I guess giving it a year or two when I switch schools will be good for me because I won’t see her all the time, and my new school will distract me enough to get me through everything.

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