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Hi Martin,
I get the sense that memories of your ex are still consuming your mind. I’m imagining that seeing her everyday isn’t helping your process of moving on either :S

Seems like you are constantly reminded of her and your time together. I hear frustration at friends who don’t get how important she was to you. How are you taking care of yourself during this time of grieving and processing?

You speak so honestly about suicide. I can hear the temptation of avoiding all the potential pain of grad, and ending the horribly hopeless feelings you are holding. I’m scared thinking of all the weight that suicide holds in your mind….what is helping you stay alive right now?

Your courage in speaking about these thoughts of suicide is powerful Martin. I’m sad to hear your honesty isn’t always received with warm support. Suicide is still a topic that makes lots of people uncomfortable. So thank you for being a safe person to talk to about suicide. Know that we are here for you.

Thank you for sharing your strength with us.

Stay connected,
The Support Team

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