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I really get that bird tied down thing. I really feel as if I should be flying right now, but this whole thing with my ex is just holding me down.
And well I’ve had another friend I’ve been able to talk to lately which has really helped. We’ve really only been friends a short while, but whenever I talk with her, it actually feels as if she cares about what’s going on with me, and that’s just awesome because I haven’t felt that since my ex because well I thought she cared about me. Only problem with this new friend…she’s also best friends with my ex. I don’t know why the two people I’ve trusted most since the breakup have been two of her best friends, and I just feel like I shouldn’t be talking to them :( and it sucks to feel that way, but this new girl makes me feel so open, and just seems to care about me, so I really don’t want to break that bond

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