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Hey, so lately I’ve been having insane mood swings on my suicidal thoughts. One minute I’m super happy, and the next I’m depressed. Honestly I think the weather getting better is cheering me up, and this spring break has been a pleasant break from all the grad chat. I know when I’m back at school though, that the idea of grad will be everywhere, and I’m not sure how I’ll cope :/ so the TV program I made it into ends Wesnesday when we all go on air, but the next day I have my first ball hockey practice. Really my television gig has kept me alive until now because I don’t want to let them down, and I think a similar thing will happen with me for ball hockey. That’s good because it lasts 2-3 months.
Talking to my ex is okay…but I’m really worried right now, because I told the cops about this one party and they called the kid, so it got shut down. I did that because my ex was supposed to go, and the party was going to be outta control, so I was just trying to protect her. I haven’t told anyone I called the cops, and I can’t or everyone at school will hate me. For the party, he told everyone about it, and told everyone to bring as many people, and booze as they could, thus I knew it’d be unsafe for my ex who I know likes to drink to a point where she doesn’t remember what happened the morning. I just shudder at the guys who would take advantage of her in that stage, and it’s just one party, but hopefully it helps :/ for talking with her, she can really overreact to stuff, and it sucks because I’m scared of answering certain questions with how I really feel. My last few days have just been filed with ups and downs.

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