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Hey, yah I am really worried about her finding out that I told the cops. Somehow someone foundout, but no one has been able to prove anything yet. Someone posted it anonymously to the hosts page, and so he asked me about it. I had to lie to him, and about three others. I felt the worst though because one was my ex, and the other is the girl who I told after my ex I was thinking about suicide. As much as I’d love to trust them, it’s just something that could spread easily, and make life tougher for me than it already is. They changed the date of the party though, so my ex still went, but it wasn’t the madhouse it would’ve been had it been the other day, so I guess it’s…okay :/
I do really hold back, because I want us to stay in contact, but I feel like if I say everything on my mind that she’ll get even more mad at me than she already is.
But yah, really just a lot of ups and downs lately. I haven’t been thinking about suicode a lot lately, but I don’t know how things are going to go with grad. I just got invited to travel downtown in a partybus so I guess it was nice to be included in that. As per usual though, I know that ill be the boring kid who sits in the corner, and doesn’t do everything

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