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Hey Martin,

It sounds like things with the party are feeling pretty precarious. It must feel pretty anxious to picture your ex possibly finding out that you alerted the cops. I can imagine you’re just hoping it will all blow over as quickly as possible. :S I’m hearing that it’s a burden on your heart, knowing that you’ve lied to your ex and others about calling the cops. It must seem really bittersweet to have to be forced into that lie when your intent in the first place was to keep her safe…

It sounds like you’re walking a lot of tightropes lately, Martin…between wanting to share more with your ex, but having to hold back…between the emotional highs and lows… And I can hear how it’s tiring you out, and, I’m guessing, making you wonder if you will have the strength to deal with the possible loneliness of grad. That’s cool about the party bus (those things look rather intense!). Must have been a thrill to have that experience, although it sounds like it also brought up some feelings of isolation and being distanced from the other people there? I get the sense that you’re feeling pretty low about yourself right now…

Stay connected Martin. We always want to hear about the highs and the lows.

The Support Team

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