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Hi Martin,

Whew. I’m glad to hear that the storm has passed about the party. I know that was a pretty huge source of added stress, and I bet it’s a relief to have it fading away behind you.

Sounds like things have been on a bit more of an even keel lately, and that even grad is becoming a bit more bearable to think about. I get the sense that you’re still frustrated and saddened a lot, but that those feelings are not driving you to think about ending your life in the way that they were. Honestly, I relax a bit when I hear that. It doesn’t mean that things don’t still suck – and I understand that they sometimes really do – but just that you’re at a point where death doesn’t seem to lurk quite so scarily close.

Still, on that note, you mention that the thoughts are still there, and that you feel like nothing is changing for you in the long run. I wonder if you’re questioning whether the fact that they are still there means they could overwhelm you in the future sometime? :S

Here for you,
The Support Team

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