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Hey youthspace, long time no talk to. Can’t say I missed it here, because it meant I was okay for a time, but I’m back, and have a whole new story to add.

So I was talking with this girl three years younger than me, and we really opened up to each other, and I fell for her. Then her friend started a rumour about me how I said to her that I would be with the girl I liked by the end of the year, and that freaked the girl I like out, so she backed off, and didn’t talk to me that weekend. I found out what happened, and explained what happened on the Monday and we managed to patch things up, but things haven’t been the same since. Then I found out that she was making out with this guy all around the school, an it really hurt me, because I still had a small hope that she still liked me.
Then I have her a letter explaining how I felt, and a mineral dolphin I bought in grade 7 that I had promised myself I would give to the first girl I really fell for. I always thought about giving it to my girlfriend mentionned in here, but it just didn’t seem right, so I guess it’s good I didn’t give it to her.
Giving it to this other girl doesn’t seem like such a great idea now though, because even though she said the letter and dolphin were the sweetest things that anyone had ever done for her, that she still just wanted to be friends. She knows I’ve thought about suicide before, and then I brought it up again, so she got worried, and we decided to talk the next day when things calmed down, because I had had a tough night, and explained that that’s why I had snapped. That was last night…

Then in school today, the counsellor came to my class, and called me down to his office, so I got another wonderful talk. Turns out the girls parents had come in, and pretty much told the counsellor that they were worried about their daughter being so close with a suicidal grade 12, and I was told by the counsellor to back off. The girls friend also knew about my suicidal thoughts, and how I like the girl, but neither of them are supposed to talk with me now.

I don’t understand why everyone I open up to leaves me :(

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