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While it might be weird to say it’s nice to hear from you (cos like you said, your absence was an indication that things were going well) I will say that we noticed your temporary disappearance from the Forum <3

I can really hear the pain with which you relay this story Martin…sounds like you had so much hope for your relationship with this girl. You had a really unique and honest connection, and you felt safe and supported sharing your story and struggles with her, just as she did with you. I can only imagine the shock and devastation you feel now, having that support and connection ripped away from you. Seems like this pattern of being left by those people that you trust and become vulnerable with is really wearing you down…

It hurts to think that everyone is pulling away, right when you need their support the most :( Can you tell me where you are at with your suicidal thoughts today?

I know that sometimes you feel completely alone in this battle Martin, and I’m truly thankful that you continue to connect with us. We aren’t going anywhere. I’m wondering how your weekend went? How do you take care of yourself when no one else has your back?

Stay strong.
<3 the Support Team

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