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Yah I know people will care, but I don’t think that they will for very long. Like I guess my family will…but I can’t think of any friends close enough to me that won’t forget me easily. I don’t get why people would care though. I can’t think of anything right now that will get me through the summer. The summer is usually a bad time for me, because I always stick around home, and then my parents get mad at me for not being social.
I still want to pursue the college course, but it’s certainly not enough for me to hold onto life.
Last night I had my grad, and there’s this one girl I kind of like, and I really wanted to get a picture with her. But then I realized that it’d just be a reminder to her of me when I die, so I decided it wasn’t a good idea. There’s this other girl a few years younger than me I’ve been talking to, and she’s really nice, and caring, but I’m trying my best not to like like her, because she’s the person right now I’m telling everything to, and I can’t afford to lose that.
Life just doesn’t seem worth living right now. I hurt the people I care about outside of my family, and in turn they’ve hurt me, by eventually turning their backs on me. Starting from my ex, to my friends, and most recently the girl I’ve fallen for.

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