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well i am thinking i should of went but because he is a male i can not sit in a room alone with him i have been thinkinG it is part of this plan him and my social worker have to get me in the hospital

i was wanting to bring a female in anyone that is female so then i brought a friend with me and he said no. i did not get to see him now and all of my friends think i should go to the hospital because everything going on.. i expressed to someone i trusted most of the stuff going on in my head like for example everytime i walk down the street i feel like people are picking at my brain or going to hurt me and or i have to stop thinking because they can hear what i am thinking also i have been hearing people talk in there to and then i have been blacking out to

that is some of the thing that really needed to be said but it did not happen so i told a worker at a drop in center today and she said i need to see a doctor and then i told my foster mom and she said the same thing :s

so yeah i have no clue what to do or think anymore :(


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