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I know the pain of living has become unbearable for you… so much so that suicide seems to be one of very few options. I cant imagine how hopeless everything feels :'( Even though youre wishing everything away, I still hear you fighting for your life… there’s something powerful in you that won’t quit yet… stay strong grenouille <3

Im soooo sorry your recent hospital stay was so horrible – when you reach out for support, you should receive help… you shouldnt be made to feel like you don’t matter. You DO matter! Oh grenouille, waiting for treatment must be exhausting… and waiting for change must feel endless. You recognize that you need help, but trying to get that help seems impossible. I imagine every time you reach out and have a disastrous experience, it becomes harder and harder to reach out again… I hope you don’t give up.

We’re here for you grenouille… we’re keeping you in our thoughts… stay connected <3

the Support Team

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