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Hey grenouille,
Thanks again for letting us know that you might not be writing for a bit. We really, REALLY have our fingers crossed for you! I hope that when we hear from you next you’re safe. <3

It sounds like so much of your remaining hope rests on this hospital visit. I get the impression that you’ve looked ahead, and seen that the future seems unlivable without some kind of help…to the point where you’ve decided not to let yourself inhabit that future. You’ve been fighting intensely to keep going for so long, grenouille; I can imagine how a change on the horizon might be an incredible relief. It scares me to think that your life is in the balance here, even though I can hear the feelings that have driven you to that emotional edge. :’(

We are rooting for you now more than ever, because we know how horrible things are feeling…how dark it looks right now. We are in your corner, grenouille. And we’re ready to listen whenever you might need us again. Keep fighting.

Thinking of you,
The Support Team

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