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Hey grenouille19,

Please stay with us, grenouille19…. It seems like everything is falling apart and losing meaning for you, and I can how much you want to let go of that string…

Each word is like a tear — and your soul is crying with pain at still being here. I can hear how all-encompassing and utterly debilitating the loneliness and feelings of worthlessness are for you. :'( It sounds like the hardest thing in the world is just to keep going when everything is empty, and it feels like it will never change.

Your words scare me so much, grenouille19, because I can hear so much resignation in them, like the pain has finally drawn you to a place from which you feel there is no escape, and that even your usual methods of coping are falling short. I’m guessing that suicide is looming large in your mind.

I believe that you are a fighter, and that you have strength inside of you, but I can hear that it feels like things are past your control already…. I’m wondering if you can think of any way to keep yourself safe when it feels like you just want to let go?

We care deeply for you, and we’re here for you.

-The Support Team

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