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well here i am again i should really stop non stop posting sorry to be a bother but i must correct something to my last post and add stuff.

well first i shortly after i wrote that post i found out i had to drop out out school so no more school work for a bit

so i am extremely nervous to see the psychiatrist tomorrow i am not looking forward to it at all because i do not know what is going to happen i hope they do not change my medication again because they have been a lot lately

and then there is the fact i have absolutely no idea of the out come of the appointment i do not want them to ask about self harm at all because people either put you in the hospital or two ask well doesn’t it hurt and then i have to say only when i want it to i know that sounds messed up but it is the truth

then well i have to bring someone with me because people convince me to sign paper i would not sign it the right frame of mind. they= people always try and convince me out something or pick at my brain. the person that influence my decisions

i have to add that i am very sorry for the babbling and rambling about nothing that you are hearing

well i guess in all i am very nervous hopefully it goes good i guess i will find out tomorrow i really wonder how much the psychiatrist noes about me without me talking to the psychiatrist hmm that is now another question

well since it is on my mind this bad probably another sleepless night i am use to that so i should not complain but even on my sleepers i can not sleep if something is on my mind like that

well i will stop being a burden and stop babbling and rambling and i will see how it goes tomorrow


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