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Hi grenouille19, Please don’t apologize for expressing your inner thoughts… getting it out can help and we’re glad you found a safe place to talk about it here <3 We don’t think youre babbling or rambling, and youre certainly not a burden to us :)

I can hear how nervous you were about seeing the psychiatrist, and now I imagine youre feeling some relief that you didnt have to meet with him, but also some disappointment that you didnt even get a chance to get help. You said the psychiatrist wouldnt see you with anyone else and Im wondering who you wanted to go with you? It sounds like youd feel too vulnerable on your own – Im sorry he didnt understand and support you the way you needed to be supported.

If that option doesnt seem like its gonna happen, have you thought of what you want to do next? What have you been thinking about since learning you couldnt see the psychiatrist today?

Stay strong… we’re rooting for you! the Support Team

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