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Hi grenouille19, Im glad you posted – you’re not alone here <3

Its clear how much youre hurting :( Im hearing that self harm is really the only thing that helps ease the pain, but its also causing you a lot of extra feelings you wouldnt have if you didnt self harm :/ I dont know how old you are, but Im getting the sense youve used self harm as a coping strategy for awhile now… Im wondering if the thoughts of suicide are more recent? Im worried about you, and happy youre talking about it with us… does anyone else know how bad its been getting?

You mentioned that you don’t know what else to do besides self h. and I was curious if youve tried anything else? Has there ever been a time when you couldnt self h., so you had to do something else and it kinda worked? Not sure if youre interested, but heres a list of some ideas… The distractions obviously arent a solution, but they are safer… and we want you to be safe.

Stay strong grenouille19, and stay connected…
the Support Team

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