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I’ve got music..thats something that helps sometimes and sometimes it makes things i ran home from school at lunch crying, i called my mom and she said she couldn’t talk right now, so i called my aunt. neither one of them helped me. im in a new school now, i moved out of my moms place but here i feel so alone. ive made some new friends but there not like my other ones. in this house ive been trying to please my aunt and everyone around here to make them happy. but today i just broke. i’ve had to much going on lately and one of my friends from my old school kept picking fights with me, he didn’t mean to he’s going through stuff too but it still kills me to fight with him and every day he says hes going to kill himself which has me freaking out. i don’t know what to do. i miss my home and my old friends but i cant go back with my mom its worse there. ive stopped harming myself so much now that im here but inside im still hurting. i fake a smile for everyone because i hate when people feel sorry for me, to be honest in my eyes im not the important one everyone else should come before me. Right now i feel so numb like im just disappearing out of my life…maybe im not meant to be in this world…i mean im only causing people trouble when i tell them whats wrong, but i only usually do that when i really need someone to talk to which sn’t often because i don’t want to bother other people with my problems.i’ve had such a rough childhood to begin with, maybe i don’t belong here..idk

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