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Hi Liddell,

So glad you’re connected here… we don’t hate you <3 The way you’re being treated by everyone else is truly hateful and cruel… Ill never understand why some people are so horrible – it’s not right or fair. And it’s certainly not your fault – not for a second. You deserve to be happy, and loved…

I’m not sure where you live… the availability of different types of support often depends on where you live, but a couple good places to start (which hopefully would lead to more supports) are a doctor and a local crisis line (phone or online). Crisis lines usually have a lot of information of different types of help that are out there, and a doctor can help with your thoughts of suicide. I’m not gonna lie and say its easy to get support – unfortunately, sometimes it can feel impossible, but there are a lot of different types of help available, and also a lot of people who want to help.

I’m Not sure if you’ve tried out our chat/text, but we’d love to connect there… and of course you can always continue posting here while you figure out how to get more supports in your life. We’re ‘hear’ for you, Liddell…

Stay strong,
the Support Team

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