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Hey Liddell,

Thank you for staying connected to us here. I can hear how completely fed-up you are with your life in the lower main land, and how desperately you want an escape. It seems like you are standing alone in this battle, and I really admire your courage in reaching out to us and holding onto hope that people care. We really do care, and want to support you in coming to a place where you feel safe and loved.

I’m worried for your safety Liddell. I can see that suicide has been an option for you in the past, and that right now you are desperate to find a solution to the pain of your life. I’m wondering…when you say “I’m done here” are you thinking of ending your life?

I can hear that you want your life to change, but you don’t feel supported by your shrink. Sounds like the next step for you is finding a safe haven to support and protect you during your recovery process…is that right? I’m thinking that while your feelings towards the mental ward are conflicted, you felt safe there and are considering it as an option.

I’d love to help you locate some more resources, but I’m not sure exactly what kinda services you are looking for. If you chat or text in between 6-11pm PST we can talk more about what would be useful for you. Also, is an online list of services that might help you in your search.

Stay connected,
the Support Team

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