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Sipping tears still remain falling off my shallow check bones, weak to my jaw, running numb from quivering. I have… *In a light whisper* no one.

I don`t know what to do anymore, at all. *Lips pointing downward resting on my weak quivering jaw that ran numb*

*Shhh to a whisper* I have no… one… nothing… stress and paranoid has killed me internally. Weak. Shallow. Numb. *Reaching my hand out to reach for something but nothing is there to grab a hold. Please, don`t leave me!*

Weakness has killed me!

*Dark bedroom. Music playing. Staring at nothing. My remains that are left over, need repair.* Call the hounds in, let them help me! Let them help me! I need a hug… I need… not this!

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