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Well I’m doing pretty good I’m moving along slowly but I’m still pretty confused with things. Me and the guy I like skipped gym class and went to the local museum together which was a nice change of pace for me not to mention quite a bit of fun.
Lot’s of people are implying I should be mad at my ex (Shit I fucking hate that word) but we’re still friends with each other.
I’m not doing the best in school mainly just Science though because I never do the homework or the class work.
I haven’t been sleeping properly lately, I think my mind is too active to sleep right now last night I remember dancing while still being semi asleep. I’m a bit tired and have been drinking energy drinks lately which is not the best thing because I couldn’t stop fidgeting in class so I went for a run.
I am also thinking I might be Bi-polar but I don’t know.
I’m still stressed out but anyways things are going pretty well and a little hectic which I am actually ok with!

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