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      Since I was about seven or eight I have been sucking my thumb. It was about that I started acting out – I’ve been told. It was about that age that I’m told I changed completely. When I was in elementary school I had a few friends, and was picked on a lot. I turned into a violent child, snappy, angry, hurt. My habit was my comfort.

      I have always meant to quit, I know it’s bad for my teeth, but I can’t. i don’t know why, and I don’t understand how this is an addiction, because there’s nothing I can’ understand that’s addicting about it. I need help.

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      Hello TheHoplessHopeful,

      Welcome to our forum; your voice is a very unique one. :)

      It’s interesting what you say about your habit of sucking your thumb. It’s obviously a lot more to you than just a habit – like over time it has been a part of the changes in your life, as well as a source of solace when times got confusing and stressful. I’m sorry to hear that you were picked on in school; it sounds like it changed you, and I can imagine it became harder to trust people. You mention having a lot of anger hostility towards people when you were younger. It sounds like that was an awful time. :(

      It’s confusing to you that you’re unable to quit, when it seems like there’s no reason to be addicted. I know that we can sometimes be addicted to things because they help us feel better, help us cope with difficult emotions. I’m wondering if you feel like you still turn to thumb-sucking for comfort?

      Here for you,

      -The Support Team

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      Sucking on your thumb is normal as a child as you usually apply some pressure on your lips and they have erogenous zones, giving you a nice sensation.

      I used to do the same when I was younger myself and up to quite old (about 7 or perhaps even 8) but I don’t recall doing it publicly.

      I don’t remember exactly how I stopped but I have always had a very strong mind. Anything can be done if you have the right mindset; just focus on not doing it and maybe put some kind of lipstick to notice the action more.

      Good luck!

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      Hey i am not sure if you are still on here but I have had the same problem. I used to suck my thumb when i was mad or sad as a sothing technique but soon developed into a habit I could not stop. Because you started at 6/7 something might have triggered it as around this age this isnt something you do unless you need to self south from a stressful life or had something else before (like a pacifier) I am not saying this is the case but if it is couselling may help.

      Sucking your thumb is normal as a kid but when you grow older, ur right it becomes socially awkward espcially with peers or in public.

      I know my parents did everything for me to stop (money, nail bitting solution) but I coudlnt.

      What finally happen is if you suck your thumb while you develop into a teenager, the roof of your mouth forms around the shape of your thumb. I am not sure if this happened to you but it became a big problem. I finally stopped when a dentist put a cage in my mouth making it impossible to suck my thumb and my habit stopped, but then I had to crank my mouth open with a key in order to make my mouth the right size (as i have a small thumb) if this is still continuing it important to see your dentist, as they can help and it may have formed into a medical problem.

      If you started at 6/7 you might be okay but i know your body is still developing and carrying this habit into teenage life would suck!!!

      You just need to break the habit, find something else to use as a calming technique. I dont know, maybe a hugging a pillow, up to you.

      Even like smoking you must break the habit and since that dentist put that awful cage in my mouth I have not even put my thumb in my mouth.

      But if this problem is still contuning i would see a dentist for sure

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      I really appreciate your thoughts on this. You brought a lot to think about to the table. I can appreciate hope hard it can be to stop such a soothing habit, something one has been doing for years. From a physical health stand point you are right, sucking on your thumb in later year can cause issues to develop with teeth and the mouth. At the same time, mentally the habit is so soothing in the moment that those issues seem so far in the future, making it really hard to quit. I imagine that cage was not fun at all. I like the idea of hugging a pillow much better.


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