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      im bi and lots of people know it. I feel like a lot of people who know my past think that is why I prefer girls over most guys.

      being gay had not formed from my past, it was there the whole time.

      if I hear another person say “this is because of your half-brother, if you get that situation sorted out then you can be straight and normal again” ugh it breaks my heart.

      I was abused* by my half brother at the age of 2 or 3
      ive had it plague my life for years and it has literally torn my whole family apart. people on my dads side hate my mom for kicking him out and said that he could’ve done no wrong but it hurts. I am pretty positive I got herpes from him and I cant tell anyone because that would just make it worse. I had researched herpes in grade 8 after hearing about it because the symptoms were like what I lived with from time to time. its horrible keeping secrets. and im glad I can be myself in one way for sure. my sexuality is who I am and no situation started it or will finish it. I am who I am and people need to suck it up.

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      Hi Nie,

      I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your half-brother when you were so young — such terrible abuse is never, ever the victim’s fault. I can hear how frustrated you are that the people in your life are treating your sexuality merely as a negative reaction to your abuse, rather than as an inherent part of who you are. You strike me as someone who is very confident about their sexuality even while acknowledging the terrible things that have happened to you in your past.

      There’s no way to know for sure if you have herpes other than by going to the doctor — but facing such a diagnosis can be scary and daunting — especially when you feel as though you have no one close to you to turn to who understands. Is there any way you could access a doctor anonymously?

      It sounds like in many ways your sexuality provides you with strength and confidence when other aspects of your life are gloomy. Embrace it!

      <3 The Support Team

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