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      I have been dating him for 9 months long distance and it really hurts when he goes drinking he is 17 so i guess thats normal for his age, but he saw how much it hurt me so about a month ago he promised me the he wouldnt again. on canada day he went out with friends to watch the fireworks and ik he was out until 2 in the morning, when he came home i asked him if he drank and he told me he didnt. yesterday he asked me if it was just drinking or getting drunk that i wasnt ok with and he kept asking and so i asked him again if he drank and he said by accident he thought it was water, he kept lying until he finally admitted to having a few shots. i got upset and im still really hurt i want to be able to trust him but i dont know if i can anymore. him drinking hurts so much and i dont know why am i overreacting?

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      Hey anna, welcome to the forum. Seems as though you’re really angry at your boyfriend for betraying your wishes on Canada Day, and that underneath your anger is heartbreak and sadness that he would lie to you. I would guess you feel disrespected that he made the decision to drink some shots that night, knowing how important it was to you that he not drink at all. I can hear how much doubt it has put in your mind that you can trust him with anything after he lied to you about drinking.

      It sounds like you’re feeling torn between your raw feelings of betrayal and hurt that he would do this to you, and your hope that you can find a way to trust him and continue your relationship. I get the sense you care about your boyfriend and don’t want to hurt or frustrate him with your feelings, but also don’t want those feelings to just go ignored. What would you say to a friend in the same situation? Would you think they were overreacting? What advice might you give them?

      We’re here for you in this frustrating time, anna. I’m glad you came here to talk about it, and know you can continue to count on us to listen <3

      the Support Team

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