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      I have dermatillomania*. I have been doing it since i was a little kid (age 6 or 7) and i am still doing it now, ill be 20 in a couple months. I have tried so many times to stop and so many different things to help me stop doing it but i just can’t! Im tired of doing this. Its really embarrassing. I always have to try to hide my hands* because my hands don’t look pretty. I hate doing it! It hurts so much sometimes. I just want it to stop!

      ** Edited by the support team for triggering content

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      Hi Emma,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us here. I can hear how long you’ve been struggling with this issue — it sounds as though it’s both painful and embarrassing for you and I’d imagine that only adds to the frustration in being unable to stop. It sounds as though you have a birthday coming up that is really causing you to reflect on how long this problem has been with you.

      I wonder if there has been a time since you were 6 or 7 where you were able to stop or where the urge wasn’t so great? Are there times now when things feel calmer for you?

      We are here to support you in your journey Emma — and we also have a live chat service nightly 6-11pm PST (and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays) if you ever want to chat and get a more immediate response.

      <3 The Support Team

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      There have been times when it isn’t so bad. There have been a few times when i can go about a month maybe a bit more where i don’t really do it. I find its not as bad in the summer.

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      Hey Emma,

      I can hear how frustrating and exhausting it is for you to fight this battle for so long. Some days are better and other days are worse. I am glad that you get to see some relief from time to time. I can imagine that you feel a sense of serenity and freedom in those moments.

      It seems like in the summer and certain other times, you are not as troubled by it and find a way to not do it. I’m curious if there is anything that makes those times different from the other times, when it is at its worst?

      Sending lots of love and strength,

      <3 The Support Team

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