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      This place is great, I was feeling very bad tonight & just plain angry. After visiting my usual online counseling service, similar to this one, I seemed to be having a misunderstanding with communicating my feelings, which resulted in incorrect advice. The person on *this* online chat was great. I confirmed right away what suggestions I didn’t want to hear over and over again, & they were able to help me sit & think for the first time in 5 days. That seems to be the difference with this site. Instead of just pointing out options they were able to work around what I didn’t want to hear, and figured out what I was wanting to say by having me indirectly answering the question I feared most. “What do you want to happen?” Thank you!

      The only suggestion I have is maybe a different chat font? I found that at some points the size/type of the font made it so some words looked like they had extra spaces, when they actually didnt. For example: “That” would show as “Th at”.

      Also, I was wondering. Does the “Thank you for only Chatting once per night. This helps us connect with everyone that wants support tonight.” Only mean texting? The layout of that confuses me a little. Im only wondering just incase I go on the live chat, feel better & then suddenly feel worse a couple hours later & it’s still open. Thank you!


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      Hi Minti,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share you feedback and suggestions with us — we are always eager to hear how youth are experiencing our service and how we might improve. I’m very glad to hear that our volunteer was able to offer you the space and time you needed to find some clarity in your thoughts. At youthspace we make a point of not offering advice but instead of listening and helping you find the answers you might need in a more collaborative way… after all we aren’t the experts on anyone else’s life.

      I will definitely pass along your feedback re: font and see if there is any way to make things easier to read and less confusing for spacing.

      We do limit chats to once per night regardless of whether you are texting us or using IM because we need to ensure we are available to as many youth as possible throughout the night. If you chat in once in a night and things change for you later in the evening so you don’t feel you can stay safe then we encourage you to reach out to emergency services (911) or to a local crisis line. Please let us know if you have more questions about this policy.

      Thank you again for your feedback Minti. We look forward to supporting you in the future if and when you might need us.

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      i just want to say youthspace has saved my life on multiple occasions i don’t know where i would be without it today.
      thank you all so much.

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      Thank you for sharing that with us. It pulls on our ol’ heart strings to hear that we helped someone in their times of need. <3 Let me know if I'm wrong, but I sense that you're in better head space.

      Take care,
      -The Youthspace Team

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