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      i spoke with my dad today about our whole drinking party on saturday and he was clearly not happy about wat he heard about that night…i told him that i was being safe and i was with family and nothing would go wrong. dad drank alot when i was born….my parents did’nt stop till i was three and years later before i turned 18 i found out i did have FASD
      and ADHD…they told me they wanted me but i was unplanned
      now i am still learning about my symptoms with FASD. i am wanting to leave my house more and more cuz i dont wanna have to deal with this any longer…dad cant handle me
      we are just two different people when it come to drugs and alcohol…and when it comes to these two topics he always has to win the battle…i never win :( i wanna be a leader just like my dad but he wont ever understand me properly or see threw my eyes or even fit my shoes…maybe i have to stand alone to prove i can still stand on my own
      with that being said i have to move out and show him that I CAN DO THING ON MY OWN

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      Hello again, missavery,

      Since your previous post, it sounds like you and your dad have butted heads a bit. :( You were quite let down by his response to the party, hey? I get the impression that you would be perfectly happy to agree to disagree with him about drugs and alcohol, and that mostly you just want him to stop trying to apply his experiences to you… I’m hearing that you’d appreciate it if he would learn to respect your strength and knowledge in that area.

      That must be pretty stressful trying to deal with FASD and ADHD on top of everything too. It’s pretty understandable that sometimes you just have to leave the house and get away from it all. I might be wrong, but to me it sounds like you care greatly about your dad, and don’t really hold any grudge against him, but also wish for your own space, and a bit of understanding. You’ve got a lot going on for you, missavery, and sound very independent; that probably means that you want to be given the trust and time to figure it all out for yourself.

      I think it’s beautiful that you want to be able to do your own thing, and take care of yourself. It can be a long and frustrating road sometimes. We’re here to listen if you need.

      Take care,
      The Support Team

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      yea now after that party hes quiting giving me spending money
      which kinda sucks….i ask for something simple like “hey dad can i have 6$ to get lunch after school??” then hes gave a disappointed sigh and said “okay well i wanna know is that did you drink last weekend? ” he makes things very uncomfertable and awkward for me to get immediate responce
      and then i tryed to cover my tracks but he knew i was there…soo ina way he uses intimadation and pressure for answers and it feels like im held up by knife with dad in these situations

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