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      So…I was on a chat with one of the support team members and…they suggested writing a forum post…usually when I write forum posts people get mad at me about how people have it worse in other places and I have no right to complain…well…imagine knowing that fact by yourself while trying to take advice about talking about things…doesn’t work very well for your head…


      I’m not used to writing about myself…I try not to because it gives me a sense of security that I don’t know if I can have in the real world…so I tend to avoid false senses of security…especially in my hectic house…

      Sorry that there is so much to read…I just don’t know what to write…or if I even should be writing this…I just…I don’t want to be forgotten…or alone anymore…I want someone to care…and not care until they get bored…to actually care…

      I’ve always wanted things, it’s who I am I just…I try to aim for lower than what I want…I want a family who doesn’t yell at me about everything, but I’d settle for a family that isn’t so angry…and I want friends to hang out with, but I’ll settle for people who pretend to care until they get bored…it’s better than nothing, right?

      The reason I put this in this category is because…well I think it fits under things like emotions…I want to stop here before I make this too long…Thank you to whoever read this…and thanks even more if you reply…

      *personally identifying information removed by The Support Team

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      Hello, Rosie98.

      It’s cool that you decided to try the forum, despite your caution about writing about yourself. We’ll certainly never tell you that you shouldn’t write here because “people have it worse in other places”. We believe that everyone’s feelings are legitimate and real, and VERY meaningful to them, regardless of how they might look to anybody else. Who would I be to tell you how meaningful your feelings are compared to anyone else’?

      I get the sense, from your words, Rosie98, that you’re feeling lost in the hubbub and anger around you. It sounds like your home life is filled with tension, and you don’t have many people to turn to outside of your family. I’m picturing you clinging to a rock in the middle of a rushing river, trying hard not to get swept away by the chaos around you. That panicky feeling that nobody cares, and everyone is too occupied with their own rush to notice you and really care…

      It sounds like you’ve felt disappointment so often, and been brushed aside by so many people, that you purposely set your expectations really low so that you don’t have to feel that way again. I’m sorry to hear that the people around you leave you hurting and lonely time and time again. I wonder if it leaves you questioning whether you are even worth their time?

      I’m glad that you tried out the chat AND that you wrote here. We’re here to listen to whatever is going on for you.

      The Support Team

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