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      hello.. im kind of new to this but I don’t know where els to go where to put my feelings. ive kind of give up on humans but one more shot I expresses my self through qotes but ya…. any way….

      how do I control my feelings an anxiety its so hard like strting a new school o had an anxiety attack and i am made fun of, i have sever depression and have for a year. it happened when my brother died in a car crash and sme and him were really close… i have no idea how to stop my self from wanting to self-harm*. its my fault i left a voice message on his phone and he crashed listing to it. my parents reminde me its my falt and im scared cuz its getting to me more then ever and ya…


      ** Edited by Youthspace for triggering content. (We did read your poem but unfortunately we couldn’t post it on the forum in case it was potentially triggering for other forum users)

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      Thank you for having the courage and strength to give humans one more chance at supporting you. I hope you will find the Youthspace Forum a warm and supportive place.

      I can hear the weight of the grief you carry, and I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how profoundly your brother’s death has impacted you. I want you to know that although you may feel partly responsible his death was not your fault. Please be gentle on yourself in your grief <3

      You’re uncertain how to find ways to control your anxiety, and I’m wondering what you have tried in the past. Has anything helped you avoid those panic attacks?

      I have to tell you I’m worried for you! When you say that you’re scared, you feel stuck in a deep depression, and that the emotional pain you carry is getting worse…I’m wondering if suicide has become an option for you? This is a safe place to talk about what is scaring you.

      I hope that if you do self-injure you stay safe and care for your injuries. Our Chat Volunteers are online every evening 6-11pm PST if you are in Canada and want to connect that way.

      Take care of yourself kittykat101. Hope to hear from you soon.

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