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      hi,im missavery
      i live with my dad and bf but were not happy at my dads place because he is very hard to live with. he knows we smoke weed and drink once in a while but i dont consider myself as an “alcoholic” since i rarly drink. my dad constantly complains about how me and my bf live plus he complains alot about our cats that stay with us “Rocket and Sparks” they are very sweet to people and love to cuddle when we go to bed but when dad yells at me about our cats he tells us “one of these days im ganna drive them out to langford or oak bay and leave them to fend for themselves!!”
      and when i heard that come from my dads mouth i freaked out and told him “if you plan on leaving my cats alone i will never forgive you!!” it hurts when he tells me things like this cuz my cats are my other way on keeping me happy when im sad…they make me feel a million times better when im sad or mad. my bf truly is a great support for me…me and him wanna work together on getting our own place and hes doing his part and he got a good paying job….we count the days till we move into our new place together but for now we put up with my dads bullsh*it…who knows which ones ganna crack under pressure

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      Hi missavery,

      Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts about your home life here with us. It takes great courage to speak up about what is going on for you, and I thank you for sharing your frustrations here with us.

      It seems like home is a really toxic place to be, with your dad judging your choices about how you and your bf live. I’m imagining that you don’t feel like you have full independence or the ability to live as you want while you live under your dad’s roof. I can hear that you and your bf are actively planning and saving to move out into your own place, but that you are stuck there for the time being. How are you coping with your situation?

      Your cats are an enormous source of love and strength when you are feeling down, and I can appreciate how comforting it is to have Rocket and Sparks curl up with you when you are upset. So, I’m thinking that you were filled with fury when your dad threatened to take those supports away from you. It sounds like there is a lot of anger in your house right now, and I’m wondering, what do you mean by “crack” when you say: “who knows which ones ganna crack under pressure”? Do you feel safe at home missavery?

      We are online to Chat from 6-11pm if you want to connect that way too.

      Safe connected missavery, we’re here to support you as you navigate this rocky time
      <3 the Support Team

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