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      Hi, i’m s*. :) I’m 14 years old and I’m not sure if I have any specific forms of anxiety or not. Hopefully someone trustworthy out there can help.
      When I was in the fourth grade, I started having what i believe are panic attacks. My hands/feet/legs etc. would “fall asleep” and my heart would race and i would get the feeling of vomiting/passing out. I used to hide in the bathrooms and eventually I just sat in the guidance counselor’s office basically all day. She was such a nice, understanding lady who helped me get through the remainder of the year. In the fifth grade it wasn’t as serious and in sixth grade it pretty much stopped. Very rarely would I get panic attacks. In seventh grade it all came back, and worse. I would be completely fine one day, and a nervous wreck the next. They would come randomly throughout the day, (usually around the afternoon). In the whole first semester of this year (8th grade) I would wake up on school days and i just wanted to lay in my bed all day. I would have a panic attack on the bus, and throughout the day. Eventually the nurse referred me to the High School’s intervention specialist, and I would tell her everything and eventually she kept urging me to see a doctor, so i did. They basically just told me ways to help calm myself down, which work to an extent. my parents think I am just really overreacting and think i am nervous just to go to school because i do get bullied quite a lot, but I’ve learned to basically ignore all of that, and I personally love school. I was failing all of my classes first semester, which then caused me to be even more stressed and start overthinking a lot. I start randomly missing people, and think uncontrollably sad thoughts. I just really want to know what may be wrong with me. I’m afraid to tell my parents that i think it is serious, but I will just end up getting the “you’re fine, it’s all in your head” talk. I still get nervous about going to public places, because I get scared I will have a panic attack, which then leads me to having one. The problem is, is that I can’t stop my thoughts or worries no matter how hard I try. I just want things to get better. I can’t concentrate on anything anymore, and I am just looking for some form of maybe advice, or maybe just some reassuring from someone. Thank-you.

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      Hi Syd,

      Thank you for posting so openly and honestly on our forum. Your courage in sharing everything that you have been going through is admirable.

      I can really hear how worried you are about the impact of these anxiety and panic attacks on your life. Seems like these attacks are causing you a lot of stress right now…just as you thought they were done and a thing of the past, they return out of the blue, in full force. I bet the unpredictability of it all makes this even more stressful and worrisome :S

      It’s great to hear that you have reached out to different people to find support in those anxious moments. I’m glad you’ve got some strategies, but it seems like you don’t have many people supporting you in this fight…I can hear the judgments that you feel from others (parents) which continue to hold you back from talking about this. I can only imagine how powerless and vulnerable you feel when you face these uncontrollable thoughts alone :(

      I’m glad you have connected here Syd…we are here for you. You can Chat in too if you want to talk between 6-11pm PST.

      Your words show that you are a fighter….hang in there Syd and continue to be as strong as you have.

      Take care,
      the Support Team

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