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      I am currently 25 years old. I am female, and ethnic. I have been in the mental health system for most of my adult life! I grew up in poverty, and graduated high school despite being raised by a single parent father, who was very strict. My mom having schizophrenia ever since I was born, left the picture when I was 6. I have saved up a bunch of money before I got psychosis when I was 19 only to have to use it because I was stuck in the mental health system for 5 years. Received so much abuse from so-called mental health workers. And literally have no place to go right now as I try to find an a apartment. I have a sister who never contacts me. I have been stuck ever since they put me on medication, which does not agree with my body. I have tormented by the games they play and how they dehumanizing “clients.” I think this is very wrong and leads to people not recovering falling through the cracks and just becoming another statistic. Well, I want to be on the right side of history and I hope 100 years from now we will look back at how we treated people in distressing states, and be appalled…..I have also and continue to receive discrimination from people in life because of the colour of my skin. Its a big trauma I continue to deal with.

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      Wow, Mazzystar, thank you for sharing your story with us, and with the world through this forum.

      I get why you chose the title you did – it seems like you’ve been dealt a pretty tough set of cards. With your mom leaving when you were so young, and then growing up feeling trapped by your dad’s strict ways, I would imagine that you haven’t really had that experience of feeling taken care of in a stable, warm home. And it sounds like once you entered the health care system, things got even bleaker. From your description, I can hear how unsupported, mistreated, and betrayed you felt by the health care workers. I’m so sorry to hear that that’s been your experience; everyone deserves to receive care and be treated with kindness. I can imagine you feel like you have little control of things in your life, and are crippled by some of the challenges you’ve had – and are still dealing with. And I can hear your outrage in your words, and it seems like part of telling your story is about sharing what it’s been like for you so that other people might have a different (better) experience.

      Seems like right now, finding housing is a pretty big priority too…most cities and towns have organizations that can help people find housing…is that something you’re interested in? If you want to share your city here or in our chat feature, we might be able to help you get involved with an organization like this.

      But I know that housing is just a piece of the puzzle, and that you’re still coping with so much emotional pain and anger. It must feel like there is always a wall in your way, Mazzystar. I’m really glad you’ve shared here, and I invite you to keep doing so, if it feels helpful. Our chat feature is also open every night, 6pm-midnight PST. <3


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