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      Fred D.

      I grew up in a household that selling drugs is all seen I can remember being in the 6th grade making drug runs with my step father feeling like this is life just didn’t know better I can remember him beating my mom * I done seen it all helping my mom * lol its funny now it wasn’t funny then doe but my mom took the abuse put up with it changed how I felt about her long story short it turned my heart cold I moved out at 14 I wanted my own started hustling myself in the streets you run into good people but mostly bad people learned a lot took a lot of loses over time I got a different outlook about family god an life sometimes in life your put in different situations an when your young your gonna make mistakes but you have to learn from them I have kids now three little girls that mean the world to me an ill do anything for put my pride aside for think about setting the right example for I really just seen this website an thought about my struggles an my journey in life not being able to talk to anyone feeling like that wouldn’t understand so I struggled with a lot an kept a lot inside so if its anyone who wants to talk I would like to be a big brother to them cause I didn’t have one cause you are our future an to me living an talking an love is everything so live life express yourself an be leader an the world wil be yours.

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      Welcome to the forum, Fred D.!

      I get the sense that in your youth you felt so abandoned and let down by so many adults you began to question if anyone would ever truly be there for you and take care of you. It sounds like you fought your way through some intensely dark times to come out strong the other side, as though you are a phoenix rising from the ashes of your former life.

      We are grateful for your words of support for youth who are struggling today…thank you for sharing your story here, and letting people who may be lost know you are there to help them find their way. The more we can all support each other, the better this world will be <3

      the Support Team

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