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      Zelda Hyrule

      Dear Youthspace I kind of need advice on what to do with my mixed feelings for my ex boyfriend. You see it all started with me and my boyfriend having a big argument but I’m not gonna go into the details. My boyfriend promised me that on my birthday we’d be in a relationship again but he wants to take a break from the relationship. He said until my birthday we’d talk on email and ever since then he hasn’t been responding to my emails. I feel neglected by him and I feel he doesn’t love me anymore. My boyfriend is three years older than me. What should I do? Please respond soon I’m depressed.

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      Hey Zelda Hyrule,

      I am really sorry to hear you’re feeling so down. I can imagine how not hearing from your boyfriend after he promised he’d keep emailing you is just eating away at you. I am getting the sense you’re worried that he’s withdrawing from you completely during this break. I’d imagine not knowing if he still wants to continue the relationship again on your birthday like he said really weighs on your mind and leaves you scared of facing a future feeling as lonely as you do right now. You mentioned you’ve got mixed feelings and that you’re not sure what you should do and I am wondering what options you’ve been considering?

      <3 The Support Team

Viewing 1 reply thread
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