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      Hi there,
      I’m just finishing grade 12 and going to university next year. I don’t know how I’ll make out as I currently stress and worry about all my homework in high school. I consistently come home from school and do homework from 4 pm to 1 or 2 am most nights of the week. I focus extremely hard, I am not distracted when I do schoolwork. This tires me out. I always come to school feeling like a zombie. My friends are all doing similar courses (and get better grades) than me while doing less work and enjoying themselves in their last year of high school. I think I could be less stressed if I took the time to relax, but I don’t have any time.

      I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up next year in university if I’m having this much trouble now. My parents and girlfriend think the same. This stresses me out.

      My average is ok (high seventies) and I want to keep that to impress myself as well as my parents. I think if I relax my work habits my average will plummet as well as the chances of me getting a scholarship I applied for.

      Do you have any advice to relieve the stress for a hard working student?


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      Hi legowarrior105,

      Thanks for sharing your story here on the forum 🙂 I really get the sense of how your life is feeling completely absorbed and overwhelmed by school right now. You’re dedicating so much time to your studies and I really hear how exhausting that is. It’s leaving you with no energy, it sounds like, to enjoy other things going on in your life. I’m guessing it might be a little frustrating to see your friends make time to relax and enjoy themselves while you’re worried that if you do that you won’t be able to keep your grades up. I imagine that frustration might be made a little worse by seeing them get grades higher than yours despite how much time you’re putting in.

      I imagine that sense of overwhelm doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere either with university coming up soon. I can understand why you would be worried of what life will look like when you start university and how you will manage all this stress then. Congratulations on getting into university, with all this hard work you’re putting in I imagine school and grades are really important to you! Sometimes when things are so important they can feel even more stressful.

      It looks like you’re looking for some direct advice of how to cope with all of this stress and hoping to find some solutions before starting university. I know that everyone copes differently with stress and lots of people have different strategies. If talking more about this or maybe brainstorming some strategies would be helpful you are welcome to use our chat function which is open from 6-12PST every day. If you’re looking for some more specific resources around coping with school and stress let us know and we can try to find some good ones for you!

      <3 Youthspace

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      I feel the same way as you do, the only difference is that I’m going into grade 10 next year. I go to a ‘nerd’ school and I feel like I’m letting people down because of my grades. Especially since I have homework every day and never go out anywhere. it sucks 🙁

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