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      to whom it may concern:
      a close friend of mine that now live abroad have been self-injuring* and now is a step away from suicide, i have been and still am trying to find ways and reasons for my friend to live,i have tried mentioning the people who care about my friend, people who would miss my friend,i mentioned the good things about this friend and i keep saying i will never give up on trying to help my friend out, but wither i want to admit it or not i now have reached a blocked way ,i ran out of all the things i can help with, my friend won’t even accept my reasoning anymore keeps saying”why fight when all of this is going to happen again?” ” why try when life is made to make me suffer?” ” i want to live in peace dead, even if i get thrown in hell i still want to die to be relived of my misery” .
      please help i feel like i’m dying inside because my friend is drifting apart from the world and me, please help me soon, please.
      thank you for your time!

      *Edited by Youthspace Staff for triggering content

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      Hello Warrawo,

      I can really hear how much you care for your friend and how distressing it is to see them suffering. I would guess it’s really scary for you to know your friend is considering suicide, and that being so far away leaves you feeling powerless to help. It sounds as if you have been trying lots of different ways to help your friend find reasons to live, and that it breaks your heart to hear that after all the hope you’ve tried to show them they still want to die.

      You mentioned your friend lives abroad; you might try encouraging them to get in contact with their local crisis line if they seem to want someone to talk to or want to connect to resources in their area. You can also let your friend know about our forum here at youthspace, if you think they might be open to talking with us or if online is easier for them than phone.

      It seems as though you’re feeling stuck on what you can do yourself, and I wonder if this website: might be useful to check out. It has information about what to do if someone you know is feeling suicidal.

      If you get the sense your friend is going to act on their thoughts of suicide, we really encourage that you call emergency services (like 9-1-1) in their area if their life is at risk.

      I’d imagine this is a really stressful and worrying time for you and I am glad you reached out to us. Keep in touch about how things are going <3

      -The support team

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