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      I know every family has their problems and not one family is perfect. Honest, I do. But for a long time now, this place I live in does not feel like home. Living here is like a disease slowly infecting me. Almost everyday I’m put down by my parents and siblings. I’m constantly being threatened by dad, and he has before hit us. Often my parents are fighting, or someone’s crying and it breaks me. Listening to all the negativity and not being able to stop it, just crushes me. There are good moments but they are few and don’t last long.

      I know if I continue to live for much longer I will go quite literally go insane. I need help, advice anything. I don’t want to live here anymore. I’ve tried to live with a friend for a little while, but my parents refuse it, claiming they can make it better, but they never try. I’ve considered getting my dad removed from the house but no one wants that, nor takes me seriously about it. Please help me. I can’t stay here any longer, it’s killing me. I’m only 14, 15 in February and I need some options.

      Thank you .

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      Hi SleepingWithPoison, welcome to the forum.

      Thank YOU for speaking out about what’s going on for you at home. It sounds like you’re completely at the end of your rope trying to get your parents to change for the better, and that other people you have tried talking to aren’t quite understanding how serious your situation is. Does anyone else know the full extent of what’s been happening for you at home? Being put down by your parents, threatened, and hit is NOT okay, and I am so glad you’ve come here to talk about it.

      I can hear how exhausting it is to come home to such turmoil every day, and how surreal it is to spend so much time in a “home” that feels like anything but homey and comfortable. I would guess you are angry that no matter what you’ve said or tried, your parents continue to make you feel so unsafe and scared. It sounds like you’re torn between having your dad removed from your home, and staying silent to avoid the drama that might come after such a big change.

      I imagine you feel totally stuck without any options left that feel right. We don’t give advice at youthspace because, being an anonymous service, we don’t know you folks that well and can’t say for sure might work best for you. However, I can offer you some resources where you might get advice and/or specific help:

      There is a phone number in BC called the Children’s Help Line, where anybody can report any abuse towards someone under 19 years old. You can call this number yourself, 24-hours a day. They will want to know what you’ve been going through and can discuss options with you. If the thought of calling this number on your own is too daunting, you can come into our chat from 6pm-11pm and ask us to call on your behalf, we’ll just need a few identifying details from you. The number is 310-1234, no area code required.

      Kids Help Phone is another possible resource if you’re comfortable talking to someone on the phone. They are also available 24-hours a day, and offer free, confidential counselling over the phone. Their website,, has some information about abuse in the family and what exactly abuse is. The number for them is 1-800-668-6868.

      Finally, you can connect to a counsellor via email through our website. Either click on the “email” bubble under the logo, or send an email to [email protected]. Your email won’t go to us, but to a professional Youth and Family Counsellor at the Pacific Centre who will email back and forth with you.

      If you would like to talk to us about more specific resources that might be in your area, come talk to us in the chat…we don’t want to talk about anything in the forum that might identify who or where you are, so that you can stay anonymous.

      I am worried to hear you say “if I continue to live for much longer…” I wonder if that means things have become truly unbearable, and you are thinking about suicide? I’m really scared for you, and can hear how alone are feeling right now and hopeless that anything could possibly change. I hope you’ll keep checking in with us about how things are going for you. You’ll be in our thoughts, for sure.

      <3 <3 <3
      the Support Team

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