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      I don’t know if you can help me, or if anyone can help really… but I thought I would try this. I mean my friend said you really helped her so maybe you can help me. or something.
      I‘ve been trying to not pick up my *tool and *self-harm. My mom made me promise not to when she saw one a few weeks ago. She was so scared and I don’t want to upset her but *self-harming helps me feel normal. When I use my *tool its not cuz I want attention or for people to see even it, I just want to feel better. My mom was crying so much I couldn’t tell her that it was helping me. She wants me to go see someone but I don’t know. I mean I have gone 2 weeks without *self-harming, but its getting so hard. Tomorrow is school again and I have a stupid assignment due in Bio. I just cant focus on it. I know that if I can just *self-harm then I can be normal and do the work, but right now my mind is racing too much. How do I keep my promise to my mom but still get back to feeling normal? I just want to not feel this way anymore.

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      Hi drifting,

      I can hear how desperate you are to feel normal and relaxed again. It sounds like the one method you’ve found that can help is not one you want use to use anymore because it causes those around you pain as well. It must take a lot of balance on your part to work through what’s happening for you, while still trying to keep your word to your mom and it can feel like it gets harder everyday.

      I also get the sense that the anxiety from not self-harming is compounded with the anxiety of completing school assignments when you’re at a low point. I would imagine you’re feeling completely overwhelmed.

      drifting, if you are looking for other ways that might help to release some of those horrible feelings inside, I have a link ( that has many alternate ideas and distractions, you may find something that could work for you.

      I’m also hearing that you have been able to stay away from self-injury for the past two weeks, what did you find helpful during that time?

      You can also reach the Youthspace support team via chat or text every day from 6pm-12am PST.

      -Youthspace <3

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