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Hey Zelda_Hyrule

I understand what your going through, I’m actually almost in the same spot you are. With the homework just take it slow only think bout one assignment at a time, it may be a lot and seem like a lot more when you worry about it try and relax try having fun while doing it, take a break every twenty minutes or so to calm down.

As for your friends, try talking to them, see why they are acting the way they are maybe they are having problems to or they just dont know whats going on.

For your boyfriend… sit down talk to him, be there for him make sure he is okay… just talk with each other and see if you cant help each others problems. If nothing else just having each other there to listen will be a great help and a great stress reliever it will bring you guys closer, if the subject gets sore just quickly switch it out :)

I hope i helped
I will try my best to be here for you if you need help

Dcash <3

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