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Thank you for having the courage and strength to give humans one more chance at supporting you. I hope you will find the Youthspace Forum a warm and supportive place.

I can hear the weight of the grief you carry, and I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how profoundly your brother’s death has impacted you. I want you to know that although you may feel partly responsible his death was not your fault. Please be gentle on yourself in your grief <3

You’re uncertain how to find ways to control your anxiety, and I’m wondering what you have tried in the past. Has anything helped you avoid those panic attacks?

I have to tell you I’m worried for you! When you say that you’re scared, you feel stuck in a deep depression, and that the emotional pain you carry is getting worse…I’m wondering if suicide has become an option for you? This is a safe place to talk about what is scaring you.

I hope that if you do self-injure you stay safe and care for your injuries. Our Chat Volunteers are online every evening 6-11pm PST if you are in Canada and want to connect that way.

Take care of yourself kittykat101. Hope to hear from you soon.

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