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Hi surreal_realist

I can see what a hard space you are in right now. On one hand you have discovered yourself, your love for both men and women and on the other hand your religion tells you this is wrong. I can see that both these aspects of you are important, and you are struggling to bring those parts of you together.

I commend you on being open enough to explore this. I personally believe that everyone deserves to love and be loved. I cannot tell you what path to walk, you know yourself better than anyone. It is hard when your faith tells you that what you feel and who you are is wrong, and you don’t deserve to feel that pain. I can hear how you are stuck between your sexuality and your religion, making you feel lost on your path, not knowing what direction to turn.

I can see the strong desire you have to live your life as you feel and do not want to have all the negativity that can come with some parts of your religion. We are here to chat with you and explore these feelings as you choose your path.


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