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Oh no good,

It sounds as though your heart is just breaking in two. I am so sorry you’re having to go through this :(.

From what you’ve said, the break-up came out of the blue and just turned your word upside-down and left you reeling. I imagine his sudden change of heart would be very confusing for you to understand. Since he told you so little about his reasons, I’m guessing you’re agonizing over why and what he was thinking? I get the sense that one part of you feels really betrayed by his decision and has got you doubting everything that came before.

The anguish you’re feeling seems as though it is incredibly painful and hard for you to sit with. We have a list of distractions or some breathing exercises that you might find useful. Would you like me to share those with you?

It seems he was a big support in your life and now that he is gone, you’re left feeling as though there is no one else to reach out to. I’d bet that is both really upsetting and scary. To feel as if you’re suddenly alone in this world, particularly when you’re in a new town, would be very challenging.

I know we’re not the same thing at all, but we are here when you need us and we’re thinking of you <3.

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