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Thank you. thank you , thank you,
Even reading that takes away the weight on my shoulders. It feels so good to be understood. You got everything spot on, i have had thoughts of suicide making the pain go away, but I know that will absolutely never happen. It scares me knowing my thoughts could even get that far.
I feel like while I lay endlessly staring at the wall in my room that everything on the outside just forgot about me. I don’t know where I am in the world anymore. Mostly because I’m at the point where things stop being childish and become more adult. But the fact is, i feel like I was ripped away from my childhood and thrown back with nothing left.
I know deep down that this is just a small part of my life and the people won’t even matter in the next 30years. And I keep telling myself that.
I just can’t shake the feeling of being abandoned by my bestfriend. My life went from completely positive to negative.

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