The bars cast shadows along the floor
Dust motes float in rays of sunlight
Swirling as if conducting their own dance
She sat in the corner
Mesmerized, watching the tiny beings
Move freely in the light
Half smiling half crying she starts
To sing
Voice lost in the dark
Clouds converge
Smothering the fading day
Breathe in
The cool night air
You are not alone child
Someday, someone will come for you
Moonlight casting pictures
On the walls
Childhood memories
Splattered like paint
Mosaic of colours
Imagination of an innocent
Pushed to far
Over the edge, lost in the noise
Disfigured mind
Quickly rebuild her, make her new
Fix her
Hide her, no one can know
Lock her up and loose the key
Let her loose her mind in secret
Don’t worry child we will come
For you
One day
You will see freedom’s glow upon your face
Past the bars
She starts to sing

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