Thank you for your kind words Sparrow,

I’m so glad that you had a positive experience seeking out support despite your initial misgivings. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been to step into that room when you had such a clear picture of all the ways it could have gone so wrong. Feeling comfortable in spite of those fears must have been such a pleasant relief.

It’s amazing how something so simple like having tea with a friend can really bring you back into yourself and lend you some much needed hope in a time of darkness. I can hear how this experience really illustrated for you how removed you’ve been from your world and the people around you.

It sounds like you’re reconnecting with yourself and the world around you in multiple little ways that are combining to improve your outlook on life and to decrease the thoughts of suicide. Your sense of strength and determination is truly inspiring and I’m honored we’ve been able to provide you with support. Know that you can write to us anytime on the forum with whatever you are feeling.

We’ll be here for you as you fight your own personal battle,
The Support Team

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