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First off sorry about that last post, I didn’t mean to include “potentially triggering” stuff, but looking back I agree that it should have been sensored out.
Secondly I think things with my ex are getting a little better. I still think about her everyday, but it’s not all the time like it was before. She’s started to come into the classroom again that I peer tutor, but I’m okay with it. Besides one kid constantly asking me how awkward it is, I’m okay with it :) I’m hoping that our friendship/relationship heals over time, an I just heard of a similar instance where she wouldn’t talk to a guy or nearly a year, but they’ve just recently started talking again. So hopefully I can do that as well, and I guess I’ll just have to be patient (not something I’m very good at)
Haven’t thought about suicide lately either which is good, but I’m worried that after our protest today against the ** Theatre(was shown on two big newscasts**) that I won’t be as busy, and I’ll just feel useless again :( so I guess I’ll have to check back in, in a few days to update how I’m doing :)

**edited by support team for identifying information

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