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Yah so I’m glad because I’m thinking of waiting like 3-5 years, and then seeing if my ex would be interested in dating then. She’ll be graduated in three years, and I’m hoping that she’ll be mature enough to commit to a real relationship. I guess it’s weird to have a timeline like that set, but that’s just the type of person I am. First off though I have to get onto at least speaking terms with my ex. So many of my friends are telling me to forget her, but I just can’t; not when everything I see makes me happy, and whenever something good happens she’s the first person I want to tell.
As for the protest we had negative feedback on the Internet, and social media, but it was pretty fun, and I think we did a good job :) our teacher and principal are coming under fire for it though because some people are being idiots, but I think they’ll get through

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