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I’ve had a weird couple of days…on Saturday I had my soccer team over for a wrap up, and that was good I guess, but nothing really special :/ I was also talking to my ex in the morning though….and well we got back to the topic of my suicide, and I’m really scare that she’s going to tell my parents. She’s threatened to come over and tell them, but if she does that I worry that they’ll react to an extreme although I’m not sure how. But then her two friends I’ve been talking to, my ex said that they don’t care about my problems. I asked both of the girls, and they both denied it, but I just can’t get that doubt out of the back of my mind. I don’t think I’ll be talking to either again, and it’s probably for the best. If I do kill myself they hopefully won’t miss me as much if I hadn’t talked to them as much. I don’t know why my ex would lie to me about that, and it’s just really confusing. Then today I went shoppig for my grad clothing, but I’m not sure ill live to that point. I was really excited when we first got home with all my new stuff (I also got 2 books, and one of those new Canucks hats with the logos they played with against Detroit this Saturday) but then reality struck in again as I was reminded with my grad stuff how I don’t have a date. I really thought about asking one girl, but I’m a pretty boring guy, and I don’t want to ruin her night, or anyone else’s, so I’ll probably just go alone. I don’t even know yet how I’m getting down there yet, which everyone else seems to know.

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